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Car Finance: Why Broker Support Could Save You Money

UK Car Finance
26, Jun 2020

When it comes to car finance, irrespective of requirements and budget, working with a broker can save you money. Given that there’s nothing to lose by making enquiries, it makes sense to speak to a broker before you commit to any type of car finance.

Here are a few of the reasons why broker support will save you money on your car finance:

Whole Market Comparison

Car finance brokers make it quick and easy to compare hundreds of uk car finance deals from a wide range of specialist lenders. Carrying out a whole-market comparison manually is an option but can be time consuming. Even if you use a standard online comparison site, it won’t include nearly as many car finance specialists as a professional broker’s comparison service.

Access to Exclusive Deals

Working with a broker also means gaining access to exclusive deals and discounts, which would have otherwise been unavailable. This is partly to due to the fact that brokers often get preferential deals from the lenders they do business with, so they are able also negotiate on your behalf.

Broker-Only Car Finance Companies

Some car finance companies operate exclusively via independent brokers. Or to put it another way, the only way to access their deals and is to enlist their services.

Specialist Finance for Poor Credit Applicants

Anyone with an imperfect credit history should consider broker support. Some lenders penalize or exclude poor credit applicants, these lenders can be avoided with the help of a broker. Your broker will know in advance exactly which lenders to target with your application, maximizing your chances of qualifying for credit and ensuring you get a good deal.

No Risk Upon Rejection

A good broker can also save you money indirectly by preventing your credit score from further harm. Through a combination of strategic application submissions and ‘soft’ credit checks, a broker can ensure any rejections you encounter do not appear on your credit history.

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at UK Car Finance for an obligation-free consultation.

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