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Category: Car Advice

Car Finance: The Brexit Effect

UK Car Finance
25, Sep 2019

To suggest that any kind of EU exit after five decades of membership would not be without its consequences simply isn’t realistic. In fact, businesses and entire sectors spanning the United Kingdom ... Read More

What If My Cosigner Goes Bankrupt?

UK Car Finance
27, Aug 2019

Having a second individual cosign for vehicle finance is becoming a popular option in the UK. As more consumers than ever before struggle with imperfect credit, alternative options for accessing affo ... Read More

Personal Car Finance Explained

UK Car Finance
14, Aug 2019

The term ‘car finance’ encompasses all financial products provided specifically for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle. Examples of which include hire purchase agreements, personal contract purc ... Read More

New or Used Car?

UK Car Finance
06, Aug 2019

Ask any expert or financial adviser and they’ll tell you the same: Buying a nearly new - a used car - makes infinitely more sense than buying new. For one thing, it’s important to remember th ... Read More

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