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Bad Credit Explained
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Can I Check My Eligibility Without Harming My Credit Score

Can I Check My Eligibility Without Harming My Credit Score
UK Car Finance
28, May 2019

So rather than excluding poor credit applicants, we welcome responsible borrowers without judgement or prejudice!

What is Bad Credit?

The term ‘bad credit’ applies in instances where an individual has a less than perfect financial history. It could be that you’ve missed one or two mortgage payments, paid your monthly credit card bill late on occasion, or perhaps simply applied for loans and been refused. In no time at all, your credit score takes a tumble and you’re considered a ‘high-risk’ applicant by major banks and lenders.

Irrespective of your financial position and how responsible you are, your credit score is all that matters to some.

At PoorCreditCarFinance.co.uk, we went into business to provide a more dynamic, accessible and affordable approach to vehicle financing. We look beyond simple credit scores to consider applications by way of individual merit. So if you’re confident you can comfortably afford the repayments on your loan, the car of your dreams could be yours in no time!

Our Exclusive Network of Lenders

We’re able to offer accessible and affordable car finance loans for poor credit applicants through our extensive network of specialist lenders. We’ll take your information, match your requirements with your ideal lender and return an unbeatable offer. Even if you have a poor credit profile, we’ll do whatever it takes to set you up with an affordable loan.

  • Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the application process from start to finish.
  • Poor credit applications are welcomed, though a good credit score could lead to a more affordable deal.
  • Your application will be considered immediately upon receipt and you’ll receive an initial decision right away.
  • If you’d prefer, you can call the team at PoorCreditCarFinance.co.uk and complete the application process by phone.
  • Once your loan has been agreed, you’re free to choose any qualifying vehicle from the dealer of your choosing.

From start to finish, we’ll provide the support you need to find your perfect vehicle finance solution. Don’t let a poor credit history stand in your way – contact the team at PoorCreditCarFinance.co.uk and discover a more accessible approach to vehicle financing!


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