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New or Used Car?

UK Car Finance
06, Aug 2019

Ask any expert or financial adviser and they’ll tell you the same: Buying a nearly new - a used car - makes infinitely more sense than buying new. For one thing, it’s important to remember th ... Read More

Why Was I Refused Car Finance?

UK Car Finance
14, Jul 2019

If you’ve been refused car finance on one or more occasions, you’re not alone. In fact, many thousands of would-be borrowers have their applications for car finance refused every day. On the p ... Read More

How Lenders Decide to Approve Credit

UK Car Finance
28, May 2019

It’s natural to wonder what goes on behind the scenes, where the powers-that-be hold your financial future in their hands. Daunting and foreboding it may appear, but it’s actually surprisingly str ... Read More

Car Finance vs Personal Loan

UK Car Finance
28, May 2019

To help shine a little light on the issue, we’d detailed the advantages and disadvantages of both credit services below. If you still have questions or wish to discuss your requirements in more deta ... Read More

Bad Credit Explained

UK Car Finance
28, May 2019

Traditionally, securing financial support with bad credit has been almost impossible. As far as most banks and lenders are concerned, a poor credit score is all the justification needed to close its d ... Read More

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