How We Work

The good news being that uk car finance is our specialty. We welcome poor credit applicants and go the extra mile to find a better deal for every customer. Even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere, we’ll do whatever we can to provide the perfect deal at a price you can afford!

How do we do it?

Working with an extensive network of specialist lenders, we’re able to offer exclusive car finance deals you won’t find on the High Street. We compare deals from dozens of lenders to find the perfect car finance solutions for each customer individually.

Best of all, we work with lenders who conduct ‘soft’ credit checks that won’t leave a mark on your credit report. So there’s nothing to risk by finding out if you’re eligible for a deal with UK Vehicle Finance!

Five Steps to Affordable Vehicle Finance

STEP 1 - Complete the online application for an immediate decision.
STEP 1 – Complete the online application for an immediate decision.

You’ll be provided with an initial decision as soon as your application has been received by our team. This will indicate your eligibility or otherwise for credit, in the form of an email, an SMS or both if preferred.

STEP 2 - Loan offered in principle.
STEP 2 – Loan offered in principle.

We’ll get back to you with the best possible deal to suit your preferences and your budget. By comparing deals from dozens of car finance specialists across the UK, we guarantee the lowest possible interest rates and competitive borrowing costs.

STEP 3 - Finalisation of your loan.
STEP 3 – Finalisation of your loan.

If you’re happy with the deal you’re offered and choose to go ahead, your loan will be referred to our underwriters for finalisation. This results in the formalisation of your loan and readies the funds to be transferred to the dealer.

STEP 4 - Purchase your vehicle.
STEP 4 – Purchase your vehicle.

Choose the car of your dreams from any approved seller or dealership in the UK. Browse thousands of quality new and used cars, make your selection and authorise the payment to be transferred from the lender to the dealer.

STEP 5 - Drive it away.
STEP 5 – Drive it away.

Just as soon as the payment process has been completed, you can collect your car at your leisure and drive it away! After which, it’s simply a case of making the agreed monthly repayments, claiming complete ownership of your car at the end of the loan term.

All Cases Considered

Unlike some, we don’t simply count poor-credit customers out of the running, without first considering their applications. Just as long as you’re able to comfortably meet the repayments on your new car, you’re almost guaranteed to be accepted!

So rather than wasting time on restrictive High Street lenders, come to UK Car Finance for an unbeatable deal!