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Audi Leasing

The Audi of your dreams with a less than perfect credit score? Stop dreaming, start driving – UK Vehicle Finance is here to help! Our exclusive car leasing with bad credit deals are open to applicants across the UK, with no deposits and no credit checks required! Choose from an extensive range of new and used Audi vehicles, with models available to suit all preferences and pockets!

Audi Leasing Calculator

Your credit score is
  • Own your own home No defaults with a current mortgage On the electoral role several years No CCJ's Under employment Not applied for credit often
  • Long standing tenant or own your own home On the electoral role Credible employment history No CCJ's Missed a couple of payments on credit
  • Recently changed address Recently on electoral role Missed a couple of payments on credit Regular applications for credit Have old CCJ
  • Not traced on electoral role Changed address regularly Exceeded credit limitations Passed history has CCJ Missed payments on agreements
  • Not traced on electoral role Recent CCJ Over limit on credit cards Active debt management plan Been declined for credit recently
You want to borrow
Repay the loan over
Payment monthly 7500

Typical rate % APR*

Total cost of Credit: £
Total Payable: £
*for illustration purposes only
Apply Now No impact on your credit score

Special Offers on Audi Leasing

From affordable personal car leasing to luxury business car leasing deals, one call to UK Vehicle Finance is all it takes. Don’t let your poor credit score stand in your way – call today to discuss our dynamic poor credit car leasing deals!

If you have issues with poor credit, securing finance can be tricky. Eventually, you get used to hearing ‘no’ and accept you’re out of the running. You’d like to lease an Audi, but the typical leasing company won’t go near you.

This is precisely why we went into business. Here at UK Vehicle Finance, we don’t believe the buck stops with credit scores. These days, it’s far too easy for even a single slip-up to blight your credit score for life. Why should something as simple as this exclude millions from quality car leasing?

It shouldn’t, and it no longer has to! UK Vehicle Finance is proud to offer the UK’s most attractive special offers on a complete catalogue of new and used Audis! With no credit checks required, your credit score doesn’t matter. Just as long as you can afford the payments, you’re almost guaranteed to qualify!

The Audi of your dreams for a monthly price you can afford, brought to you by the experts at UK Vehicle Finance!

An Affordable Alternative

A quality vehicle lease represents an affordable alternative to traditional car ownership. Particularly if you’re looking to pick up a new Audi, even putting the deposit together can be difficult. That’s before factoring in depreciation, servicing, repair costs and so on. Why go through all this hassle, when UK Vehicle Finance can offer you an unbeatable car leasing deal?

With our exclusive vehicle lease services, the Audi of your dreams could be a quick phone-call away! We’ll come up with the perfect plan to suit your preference and your budget, with or without insurance as required. Even if you’ve been refused elsewhere, we’ll give your application fair consideration and provide you with a quick response.

For more information on our exclusive Audi lease special offers, contact the team at UK Vehicle Finance today.

3 Simple Steps to the Car of Your Dreams!

We’ve built a flawless track record for going the mile for every customer we work with. If you’re looking for a car finance bad credit instant decision, you’ve come to the right place!

With PoorCreditCarFinance.co.uk, you could be just three simple steps away from driving home the car of your dreams:

Get Approved


Complete the online application and we’ll get back to you with an initial decision immediately. No waiting around – your application for poor credit Audi Car Leasing will be processed as soon as it is received.

Find A Car

STEP 2 Find An Audi

Audi A3 Leasing
Audi A1 Leasing
Audi A4 Leasing
Audi Q3 Leasing

Sign & Collect

STEP 3 Sign & Collect

Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll transfer the funds to the dealer within one working day and the Audi is yours to collect! At the end of the loan term, you’re the proud owner of the vehicle – no strings attached!

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