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Peugeot Leasing

Bad credit making it difficult to qualify for a lease? Got your eye on a new or used Peugeot, but can’t come up with a deposit? With UK Vehicle Finance, premier vehicle leasing just got a whole lot easier! We’re happy to provide car leasing with bad credit!

We respond to most enquiries the same day and attempt to provide a decision in principle. We do what we can to get you the best vehicle finance deal.

Bad Credit Peugeot Vehicle Leasing

We established UK Vehicle Finance to cater to customers just like you. Our services are open to private and business customers across the UK, providing access to a complete catalogue of new and used Peugeot vehicles for all purposes. Whatever your budget and financial status, UK Vehicle Finance will pinpoint the perfect car leasing deal to suit your needs.

With no deposit to pay and no credit checks required, acceptance is almost guaranteed! Just as long as you can afford the monthly payments, that’s good enough for us! Organise the Peugeot lease you’ve been looking for with just a quick call, with the committed support of the team at UK Vehicle Finance!

To some, poor credit vehicle leasing means taking customers to the cleaners.  Massive deposits, extortionate rates of interest and needless restrictions on eligibility. In both personal car leasing and business car leasing circles alike, getting a good deal with a bad credit report has never been easy.

That is, until UK Vehicle Finance joined the scene! Bridging a huge gap in the market, UK Vehicle Finance specialises in flexible and affordable vehicle leasing for all purposes. Our approach to bad credit car leasing is unique. Rather than punishing those with imperfect credit reports, we work hard to find the best deals and special offers on the UK market.

Again, all with no deposits or credit checks required! We focus on what really matters and if the monthly repayments are affordable, we’ll do whatever it takes to say ‘yes’!

All Cases Considered

UK Vehicle Finance considers every application by way of individual merit and eligibility. To us, adverse credit vehicle leasing means considering all cases fairly and responsibly. So before giving up on your search for the perfect Peugeot, get in touch with our experts to discuss alternative car leasing options.

Don’t let your credit score or prior rejections stand in your way of stepping up to a higher-quality car! Contact the team at UK Vehicle Finance and we’ll search high and low to find the perfect vehicle leasing deals to suit your needs!

3 Simple Steps to the Car of Your Dreams!

We’ve built a flawless track record for going the mile for every customer we work with. If you’re looking for a car finance bad credit instant decision, you’ve come to the right place!

With PoorCreditCarFinance.co.uk, you could be just three simple steps away from driving home the car of your dreams:

Get Approved


Complete the online application and we’ll get back to you with an initial decision immediately. No waiting around – your application for poor credit Peugeot car Leasing will be processed as soon as it is received.

Find A Car

STEP 2 Find A Peugeot

Peugeot 3008 Leasing
Peugeot 2008 Leasing
Peugeot 206 Leasing
Peugeot Bipper Leasing

Sign & Collect

STEP 3 Sign & Collect

Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll transfer the funds to the dealer within one working day and the car is yours to collect! At the end of the loan term, you’re the proud owner of a Peugeot – no strings attached!

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